Cinema Chat (1919 - 1920)

Cinema Chat was a British magazine, published by Shurey's Publications of London in 1919 and 1920. At issue 69, the magazine was retitled to Cinema Chat & Home News; at issue 70 to Home News & Cinema Chat; and at issue 74 to Home News. The content of the magazine reflected the refocus to home life from the cinema. In 1921 Home News and Cinema Chat incorporated with Dainty Novels.

Inserted in each issue was a plain back photocard with the star's name printed on the front in an italicized font. The cards were produced in several different formats which are presented below. They were approximately 5-1/2" by 3-1/2" in size.

Issues 1 through 74 of the magazine are available in digital format at the Margaret Herrick Library Digital Collections. It is not known if these 74 issues represent the entire run as 90 photocards have been cataloged. Early issues indicate which star's photocard was included with each magazine. This practice ended around issue 25. Advertisements for purchasing the cards appeared frequently on the magazine's pages.

Several images as well as the format groupings were obtained from the OurCinemaPostcard website.

This catalog was generated by Jean Ritsema (Jackson, Michigan), collaborator on the ROSS VERLAG MOVIE STAR POSTCARDS AND OTHER VINTAGE EUROPEAN POSTCARD PUBLISHERS website. In providing this on-line digital catalog as a resource to collectors worldwide, there is no intention to infringe on any copyright. If there are any objections to any of the images that are posted, please let us know so we can correct the problem.

August 25, 1919

January 5, 1920

April 5, 1920

October 18, 1920

Set 1: No frameline around portrait

Jewel Carmen
Cinema Chat Issue No. 4

Douglas Fairbanks
Cinema Chat Issue No. 5

Violet Hopson
Cinema Chat Issue No. 2

Edith Johnson
Cinema Chat Issue No. 9

Alice Joyce
Cinema Chat Issue No. 10

Tom Mix
Cinema Chat Issue No. 8

Virginia Pearson
Cinema Chat Issue No. 7

Madlaine Traverse
Cinema Chat Issue No. 6

Pearl White
Cinema Chat Issue No. 1
Card format assumed from issue number
Set 2: 'Cinema Chat' printed in upper left corner

Betty Blythe

Alice Brady
Cinema Chat Issue No. 13

Charles Chaplin
Cinema Chat Issue No. 16

Maurice Costello

Gaby Deslys
Cinema Chat Issue No. 20

Ivy Duke

Creighton Hale

Elaine Hammerstein

Madge Kennedy

Owen Moore
Cinema Chat Issue No. 32

Owen Nares
Cinema Chat Issue No. 14

Eugene O'Brien

Jean Paige

Charles Ray
Cinema Chat Issue No. 12

William Russell
Cinema Chat Issue No. 24

Constance Talmadge
Cinema Chat Issue No. 19

Norma Talmadge
Cinema Chat Issue No. 15

Olive Thomas

Fannie Ward
Cinema Chat Issue No. 25

Constance Worth

Clara Kimball Young
Cinema Chat Issue No. 17
Set 3: No reference to Cinema Chat in top

Theda Bara

Ena Beaumont

Enid Bennett

Francesca Bertina [Bertini]
Cinema Chat Issue No. 23

Gladys Brockwell

Mrs. Vernon Castle

Miriam Cooper

Dorothy Dalton

Edward Earle

William Farnum

Pauline Frederick

Mary Harald

William Hart

Sessue Hayakawa

Carol Holloway

Betty Howe

Peggy Hyland

Frank Keenan

Mollie King

Bessie Love
Cinema Chat Issue No. 22

Mildred Manning

Evelyn Nesbit

Mabel Normand

Hedda Nova

Mary Pickford
Cinema Chat Issue No. 3

Albert Ray

Ruth Roland

Stewart Rome

Barney Sherry

Image from photocard advertisement in
issue 74 of Cinema Chat

Queenie Thomas

George Walsh

Bryant Washburn

Earle Williams
Cinema Chat Issue No. 21
Set 4: 'Supplement to Cinema Chat' printed in upper left corner

Leah Baird

Helen Broneau

Robert Burns

Rudolph Christians

William Duncan

June Elvidge

Bonnie Hill

Matheson Lang

Mary Mac Laren

Percy Marmont

Mae Marsh

Shirley Mason

Harry Morey

Guy Newall

Eddie Polo

Peggy Shannon

Evelyn Thaw

Poppy Wyndham
Cinema Chat Issue No. 39
Set 5: 'Supplement to Cinema Chat' printed in upper left corner. Photocard longer than others.

Edith Day

Little Reeves Eason

Corinne Griffith

Buck Jones

Beulah Livingstone

Antonio Moreno

Peggy O'Dare

Jack Perrin

Edward J. Peil