Cinema Chat was a weekly magazine that first appeared in 1919 in the U.K.   The postcards were included in each issue.

Cinema Chat

Jewel Carmen

Douglas Fairbanks

Madlaine Traverse

Virginia Pearson

Tom Mix

Edith Johnson

Alice Joyce

Ivy Dukes

Charles Ray

Alice Brady

Owen Nares

Norma Talmadge

Clara Kimball Young

Gaby Delys

Earle Williams

Bessie Love

William Russell

Fanny Ward

Betty Blythe

Jaine Paige

Maurice Costello

Madge Kennedy

Constance Worth

Owen Moore

Elaine Hammerstein

Eugene O'Brine

Olive Thomas

Creighton Hale

Poppy Wyndham

Eyelyn Thaw

Matheson Lang

Leah Baird

Helen Broneau

Robert Burns

Rudolph Christians

William Duncan

Bonnie Hill

Eddie Polo

June Elvidge

Mary MacLaren

Percy Maramont

Harry Morey

Mae Marsh

Shirley Mason

Buck Jones

Guy Newall

Peggy Shannon

Little Reeves Eason

Corrine Griffith

Beulah Livingstone

Antonio Moreno

Peggy O'Dare

Edward J. Peil

Edith Day

Carol Holloway

Mildred Manning

Queenie Thomas

Evelyn Nesbit

Peggy Hyland

William Farnum

Theda Bara

Miriam Cooper

Gladys Brockwell

George Walsh

Albert Ray

Betty Howe

Edward Earle

Hedda Nova

Frank Keenan

Mollie King

Ruth Roland

Bryant Washburm

Mrs. Vernon Castle

Mary Pickford

Stewart Rome

Violet Hopson

Mary Harald

Mabel Normand

Francesca Berina

Ena Beaumont

Pauline Frederick

Sessue Hayakawa

Dorothy Dalton

Enid Bennett

Charles Chaplin