Q. Who owns the copyrights for these images?   I would like to use one of the images for a project.

A. First of all, this website does not own the copyrights.   The Ross Verlag company has long been out of business, the photographers are no longer with us, and the majority of the celebrities have also passed away (but not all.)  I have no legal knowledge of copyright law, but from my understanding, these type of promotional publicity photos were distributed freely, and are in the public domain.   You can read more about the copyright of such material at Wikipedia Film Still.   However, if you do use of an image from this site, it would be nice to let people know where you got it.

Q. I inherited a bunch of these postcards from my Grandmother or found them in a closet -- how much are they worth?

A. Like any collectible item, it all depends upon what a collector is willing to pay for them.  With rare exception, movie star postcards are not a high dollar collectible.   It's the quantity of them that makes it an expensive hobby to pursue.   If you want to see what they are selling for, check the sold items on eBay. Then look at the unsold items, and see how many people aren't buying for those prices.  In general, your cards are worth a few dollars each.   Some more, some less.

Q. Would you like to buy my collection of postcards that I inherited or found in a closet or know anybody else who would like to buy them?

A. No, sorry.  You'll just have to sell them yourselves on eBay or some other auction site.