Although they were uncommon, there were some color film scene cards.


King of Kings

A film scene card printed in different German and English language versions.   Uncommon.

Unusual Czech language postcard for the 1928 German film "Zuflucht".
Other cards in series are in German language.
Francis Lederer was born in what is now the Czech Republic.

Tonfilm = sound film

Bismarck Part 1 "Jung-Bismarck" with description of scene

Another Bismarck card, this one unnumbered.
  Perhaps a cover card for a set.  
Or an advertising card.   Note the address on the bottom.

These two very unusual unnumbered Ross cards promoted films from the Wengeroff production company.   Wladimir Wengeroff was a Russian exile who attempted to start a pan-European film company in the mid to late 20's to compete with American imports.   Postcard sized with small scenes of the film.   Thanks to Klaus Wunderlich for the scans and information.

"Das Schiff der verlorenen Menschen"
Marlene Dietrich film 1929

Verdun (?)

Unusual, unnumbered, 1919 film "Pest In Florenz" card with Ross distribution name printed on side of card.   Probably used for advertising.   Thanks to Klaus Wunderlich again.

Perforated cards such as this one for the Pabst film "Die freudlose Gasse" were found in German film trade journals Like "Film Kurier" (not the same as the more well known "Illustrierter Film-Kurier.")   They were usually in sets of six and are relatively rare.   Thanks to Klaas Dierks for the scan and information.

Back of perforated card

The German film "Wege zu Kraft und Schönheit" had a fair amount of nudity in it, which showed up on the postcards.

"Wege zu Kraft und Schönheit"

Das Urteil des Paris

The bath of a distinguished Roman. The warm bath. (Tepidarium)

There was a series of cards on the Film Trilogy "Fridericus Rex.   Note that on the back of this card, it states that the card was published by WJ Morlins, Berlin and only distributed (vertrieb) by Ross Verlag.   There are other cards similar to this.   It is curious that Morlins is credited as publisher, as the cards look exactly like a typical Ross Verlag printed card.   Perhaps it had something to do with owning the rights to publish a particular film or performer photo.


Another "Fridericus Rex" film scene card

Odds and Ends

To the left is a folder that contained all 12 cards of a set of the film "Sign of the Cross."   I do not know if these were sold this way or distributed to dealers in these packages.

Unusual Henny Porten card

German stars in blackface:
Henny Porten and Angelo Ferrari

Conrad Veidt double role

Even the horses get a credit in Ben-Hur

"Kampf um die Scholle"  
A 1925 dramatic film produced by the documentary unit of UFA (Kulturfilmabteilung).
  Thanks to Klaas Dierks for the information.

Famous 1933 Nazi propaganda film on Hitler Youth movement

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