Some cards were music related.

Imogene Robertson song card

Card with music lyric and notes

Card with song stanza from film "Liebeswalzer."

A few opera stars appeared on cards in roles they were famous for.

Herbert Janssen as Wolfram in "Tannhäuser"

Zinaida Jurjevskaja as Sophie in "RosenKavalier"

Some cards were actually drawings.

A series of Lya de Putti cards

Conrad Veidt

A few mistakes were made on the cards.

Although this is from the lost Garbo film
"Divine Woman," this is not Greta Garbo in the photo.
It is actually actress Paulette Duval

Truus Van Alten card mispelled "Trust van Alten"
  (Scan courtesy of Klaas Dierks)

Clark Gable Sen. And Jr.
Young boy could not be Gable's son as he was born after Gable passed away.
Probably an actor from one of his films.

An Anita Stewart card showing Norma Talmadge

One version of Norma Talmadge - Gilbert Roland card
was misprinted with the name of actor John Boles

Gustav Froelich 1584/1 and 1584/2 with same photo on both cards

Lya de Putti 3494/1
Two cards with the same number but different photographs

La Jana 3224/1
Another two cards with the same number but different photographs

Wolfgang Lukschy A 3704/1
Yet another two cards with the same number but different photographs

3987/1 Pola Negri Card
Black and white version has different photo than tinted one,
although from the same photo shoot.

Interesting example of a photo printed in both horizontal and vertical format
Same card number 2022/1    Ramon Novarro/Alice Terry
Note the interesting retouching of Novarro's lower body.
Thanks to Hans Schneppper for the scans!

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