Ross Advertising Materials

A variety of advertising materials were released relating to the Ross movie star cards, promoting the cards themselves, films and a range of other products. The materials reproduced below are only a sample. Images may be opened in a new browser to enlarge them.

Images, information and translation assistance provided by Werner Mohr, Hans Schnepper, Klaas Dierks, Klaus Wunderlich, and Tom Saunders. Thanks!

Although Ross Verlag postcards were undoubtedly available in shops and cinemas, they could also be obtained through the mail and were advertised in German movie magazines such as Filmwoche and Film Im Bild. They could be ordered from the magazines or through Ross Verlag directly. The cards were published quarterly for most of their run, although they were not printed as often at the beginning.
Sample Lists


1928 Die Film-Illustrierte

Film im Bild

Sale of Closeout Cards

Color postcard advertisement

Luxus song cards advertisement
Ross Business Advertising and Order Cards

Filmwoche magazine

Filmwoche magazine

Ross advertising postcard displaying
an assortment of cards they had for sale.
Some of the postcards are of flowers or nature scenes.

Back of postcard announcing the
next arrival of film articles in February 1936
Standard Ross Card Backs Printed With Sales Notices

Advertising high quality postcards

Price List

Selling cards at the cinema.

Customer Instructions

Early advertising card - 1915
Our Kaiser
After the original painting by
court painter Rob. Hahn

Purchase instructions

Dutch Advertising Card
The card at the left notes that Tob Groen & Co., Amsterdam, was the sole agent for the distribution of Ross Verlag products in Holland, providing "Postcards of all sorts and designs -- World famous film postcards of the 'Ross' brand. Art-plates, printed matter, photographs and packing/wrapping articles."

Film Advertising Cards
1. Semester (The Freshman)

Harold Lloyd

Harold Lloyd

Announces line up of November 1926 films distributed by Parufamet

(See notes re. Parufamet below)
Ben Hur

Ben Hur

A Souvenir of the 100th Screening of Ben Hur
at the Central-Kino, Vienna
Boeddha. De roeping van een koningszoon (Buddha. The Calling of a King's Son)














Claudette Colbert

Reproduces photo from Ross 8725/1

Claudette Colbert/Henry Wilcoxon

The great Cecil B. de Mille film

Scenery and costumes surpass everything to-date

In the leading roles: ....

Paramount's ten-million-mark-film
Das Deutsche Lied (The German Song)

Max Roberti/Griti Ley/
Wilhelm Diegelmann/Harry Gondi

Aus dem historischen Teil

Harry Gondi/Gritta Ley

Aus dem historischen Teil

Emil Rameau

Aus dem historischen Teil

Gritta Ley/Harry Gondi
Wilhelm Diegelmann

Aus dem historischen Teil

Friedrich Berger

Aus dem historischen Teil

Theodor Becker/Frida Richard

Aus dem historischen Teil

Theodor Becker

Aus dem historischen Teil

Hilde Jennings

Aus dem Liederteil

Hilde Jennings/Franz Baumann

Aus dem Liederteil

Helmut Rudolph/Franz Baumann
Maria Zelenka

Aus dem Liederteil

Helmut Rudolph/Maria Zelenka

Aus dem Liederteil

Franz Baumann

Aus dem Liederteil

First performance in Vienna at the 10th German Choral Festival
19-23 July 1928
Der Erste Kuss (The First Kiss)

  Anny Ondra

Don't speak bad about my "First Kiss" and stay kind.

Anny Ondra
Die Flammen lügen (The Flames Lie)

Henny Porten

Henny Porten

Henny Porten

Henny Porten

Henny Porten

Henny Porten

Announces line up of November 1926 films distributed by Parufamet

(See notes re. Parufamet below)
Die Försterchristl (The Bohemian Dancer)

Lya Mara

dans Christ'l

Das Geheimnis der alten Mamsell (The Secret of the Old Housekeeper)

  Frieda Richard

1925 FoxFilm
"Das Geheimnis Der Alten Mamsell"

Card stamped for the German-American Theater in Berlin
Hoe Henny Porten Filmt (How Henny Porten Films)

  Henny Porten

Dutch announcement of documentary on Henny Porten film making

Interesting and intimate glimpses into the film studios!
Des Königs Befehl (The King's Command)

  Des Königs Befehl

Grete Reinwald/Leopold von Ledebour
Hans Stüwe/Hans Brausewetter
Hanni Reinwald/George Burghardt
Fritz Alberti

Der Mann, der lacht (The Man Who Laughs)

  Conrad Veidt/ Olga Baclanova

German premiere - March 1, 1929
"Universum" Lehniner Platz
Der Meister von Nürnberg (The Master of Nuremberg)

  Scenenbild aus dem Ludwig Berger-Film der Phoebus

Rudolf Rittner/Maria Solveg


  Harry Liedtke

Orient (1924)
Burg Theater - Itzehoe
January 13 to January 19, 1925
5 and 8 o'clock
Orlac's Hände (The Hands of Orlac)

  Conrad Veidt

Advertising card for Polish market

Back of Mary Pickford Card
My film
under the direction of
Ernst Lutitsch
has become a success!

Mary Pickford
Schöpferin Natur (Nature's Creator)

Auf der Wasserjagd

Am Bohrapparat

Auszug zu Jagd u. Fischfang

Am Webstuhl

Ausschau nach den Heimkehrenden von der Jagd

Beim Feueranmachen

Wetterausschau am frühen Morgen

Pile dwelling village in
Unteruhldingen on Lake Constance

Property of the Association for
Pile Dwelling and Local History. E.V.

Scene from the UFA Film
"Nature's Creator"
Der Schrei aus den Lüften (The Night Cry)

Don't miss Rin-Tin-Tin
in his latest film!
Der Sohn der Hagar (Out of the Mist)

Mady Christians

Card sent to theater owners announcing the release of
Der Sohn der Hagar
Theaterfimmel (Stage Struck)

  Gloria Swanson

  Gloria Swanson

  Gloria Swanson

Cards announce line up of November 1926 films distributed by Parufamet, including "Ben-Hur."

Parufamet came about from a distribution agreement between the UFA German Studio and the Hollywood Studios, Paramount and Metro Goldwyn.

It lasted from the end of 1925 to the end of 1929, and had many problems.

These cards seemed to have been sent out to promote booking films at non UFA owned theaters.

Cards were unnumbered and generally seem to have displayed film scenes not shown in the regular numbered Ross film scene cards.
They appear only to have been issued late in the year 1926.
Der Trödler von Amsterdam (The Dealer from Amsterdam)

Werner Krauss


Werner Krauss
Wenn Meer und Himmel sich berühren (The Sea Beast)

John Barrymore


John Barrymore/Dolores Costello


3 Million Dollar Production
Schedule Immediately!
Other Products
Callifax Bath Solution

Harry Piel

After training, I always use Callifax

Harry Piel, one of the most prominent film stars in the world,
regularly uses the Callifax Bath Solution, having discovered
its wonderfully refreshing effect after strenuous training.
Cloetta (Swedish Manufacturer of Sweets)

Willy Fritsch

Maurice Chevalier

Willy Fritsch

Get it Right. Get Cloetta
DeFaKa (Deutsches Familien-Kaufhaus - Department Store)

Harry Gondi

Zur Erinnerung an die Frühjahrs-Modenschau
der Defaka-B.G.
Zimmerstr. 16-18; Klosterstr. 21-24
März 1933

Reminder of the Spring Fashion Show at DeFaKa Department Store
March 1933
Homocord Record Albums

Zinaida Jurjevskaja

Zinaida Jurjevskaja sings on Homocord music records
Jenny Dina Moden

Marilyn Miller

in einem der neuen "Cilly"
Modelle des Hauses
Jenny Dina Moden
Kurfürstendamm 36
Liköre Weinbrand

Arne Molander

Menaka Ballet

Menaka Ballet

Menaka Ballet
Der Oceanflieger: Europe ~ Amerika

Hermann Köhl

Berlin, 15 April 1928

To our valued wholesalers

Card commemorating the first transatlantic flight
by a fixed-wing aircraft from East to West

Hans Albers

Marta Eggerth

Willi Forst

Willy Fritsch

Lilian Harvey

Max Hansen

Magda Schneider
Odeon was a record label founded in 1903 by Max Straus and Heinrich Zuntz in Berlin, Germany. The company's name and logo come from the Odéon-Théâtre in Paris.

Magda Schneider

Marek Weber

"Parlophon - die tonschöne Tanzplatte der eleganten Welt"

Parlophone Records Limited is a German-British record label.
It was founded in Germany in 1896 by the Carl Lindström Company as Parlophon.
Hört Schallfilm auf Teficord

Rolf Moebius

Maria v. Tasnady

Anneliese Uhlig

Olga Tschechowa

Listen to sound film on Teficord
Taky Perfume

Hanni Weise
Taky, the new perfume for 1929
is a great delight for every lady
W und M

Mady Christians

Rod La Rocque

The entire country's first choice for buying fabric is W & M

(Card appeared in Ross's 1931 Autumn collection)