Ross Verlag also put out smaller cards known as tobacco or cigarette cards.   These were sold in packs or cartons of cigarettes in Germany (and a few other countries).   Most had numbers on the back and were meant to be pasted into books, which one would usually mail away for.   The cards came in various sizes, but were much smaller than postcards.   There seems to be an almost unlimited number of these cards.   Some were duplicates of photos seen on postcards, but others were designed just for the tobacco cards, particularly the color ones.   Similar photos would show up on different cards printed for different tobacco brands.

A variety of tobacco cards

The backs of various tobacco cards

An example of the same photo with two different cigarette companies on the backs.

These are some unusually shaped Shirley Temple cards

Cover of a tobacco card book

Inside page of tobacco card book

Cover of another tobacco card book

Inside page of this tobacco book

The tobacco books usually included full page photos also

One unnumbered series was actually larger than a postcard (7 1/16 X 5 1/16 inches).   They were called "Gross-Filmbilder", which means "Large Film Photos."  Only occasionally were these found with the cigarette company name stamped on the back.   Packs of cigarettes would supply the tokens you would use to mail away for the photos, which came in groups of 25.   Several hundred photos were published.

Camilla Horn Gross-Filmbilder

Back side showing photos available in each group

Front of folder for photos

Inside folder

Another folder for the photos

List of names for Series 8

There was also a group of cigarette cards sold that were intended to be pasted into two books, one on the history of silent film in Germany, and one on the history of sound film in that country.   These cards came in two sizes.

Silent film photos front

Back of photos

The packages these cigarette cards came in

Silent film book

Sound film book

Silent film book variant cover
(Thanks to Rachel Tanner for the scan)

Silent film book example page with photos pasted in

Also sold were smaller photos (2 12/16 X 1 13/16 inches), similar in size to tobacco cards, but sold in packs of ten, not in cigarette packs.   Although the photos themselves were not numbered, the packages that they came in were.   They were called "Mäppchen."   Some were also color tinted.   They probably started being published around 1933 and stopped in 1943.   There were approximately 855 separate packs.   They continued through #877 on a single card which grouped together the ten photos (probably done to save money).   These smaller photos also appeared grouped together in fours on regular size postcards.

Examples of the small photos

Set of 10 Marlene Dietrich cards in package

A rarer 6 card larger sized version.

Magazine advertisement for photos

A set of 10 Claudette Colbert color cards.

Shirley Temple set of ten with package.
Probably not part of the same set, as one of the cards is color.

Franciska Gaal four photo card

Ginger Rogers color four photo card

Smaller photos on larger card

The Ross name also appeared on stamps and books related to movie stars.

Rudolph Valentino book

Stamps with Ross Verlag name on them

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